knowing the feeling my clients have when they see their photos is my greatest joy

Over my 12+ years of experience as a lifestyle photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of working with 100’s of families in Florida, New York, and Israel.

Hi, I'm Rachel

Our photo session will give your family an experience to really connect with each other. My aim is to capture those gorgeous moments of love in every photo and provide you with images that bring pure joy whenever you look at them.

real laughter, pure love, and authentic joy.


your photos should bring you to a beautiful place in your mind

xoxo, Rachel

I had a natural gravitation towards photography and was always quick to grab a camera to document life unfolding in a way that felt beautiful to me. I seek out beauty in the world and in the people around me. Photography gives me the platform to materialize the beauty I see and share it with people. This started as a hobby that developed into a lifetime love affair that isn’t just about the photos themselves, but instead about what they represent - authenticity, love, joy, beauty in all things and most importantly, family.

I was a photographer long before I realized

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A few of my favorite things

- Gaby Weber

 I personally love the way she is able to bring out the beauty in everyone and everything around her through her gorgeous art. Her stunning photographs have adorned our walls for years and we look forward to including her in all of life's celebratory milestones to come.

Rachel Fellig is an extraordinary Photographer

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